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Breweries &
Beverage Industry.

Distributor of processing equipment for:

Steam Generator TD16-Pasteuriser EHA18

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Your road to becoming an authorized GG-Technik dealer. 

Steam Generator

Distributor of Processing Equipment for Breweries, Wineries and the Beverage Industry. 

Does your Winery/Brewery/Beverage Company need some bottling or processing equipment but you are not sure what that should be? I can get you all the answers you will ever need…


If you have any questions or don't see exactly what you are looking for, contact me and I would be happy to help. 


  • One on One Service

  • Fast, Reliable Response Time

  • Help Navigating German Connection

  • Start Up Service

  • Logistics & Custom Clearing Service

  • Stock Annual Parts For Quick Turn Around

Transform Your Horse's Health

Experience the Difference: Invest in Your Horse's Well-being with Steam Technology, contact us today.

animal brown horse

"Did you know that an alarming 75% of horses battle lung problems? 

The culprits? Bacteria, yeast, and fungal spores thriving in their hay. Surprisingly, soaking hay can worsen these respiratory issues. The definitive answer to safeguard your horse's health? The only way to isolate the harmful germs: steam high-quality hay.


Steam is better than water

  • Mold, fungal spores, bacteria and mites are not only bound, but killed.

  • No germ-contaminated dripping water forms as a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast.

  • The hay remains tasty.

  • The nutritional value is almost completely retained.

  • The number of times the horse chews when eating increases.

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It is with great pleasure that we have been asked to write a letter of reference for Mr. Frank Deiter. 


My brother Gord and I have known Frank for the past 7 years.  After purchasing  2 Mobile Cider Mills from him we have always found him to be readily accessible by phone, text or e-mail. He is our link to the manufacturer of our equipment in Germany and Frank has many times contacted them and gotten back to us with the information we needed within a couple of days.


We are fortunate that Frank stores many of the annual parts we need to keep our machines reliable and running. Again, should we need anything, Frank will have it couriered to us in a matter of days.  In some instances he will e-mail an instructional video to us so that we can see what needs to be done.


We have always found Frank to be approachable and helpful when we call him. It is always a pleasure to work with Frank and we look forward too many more years of continued work together.

Gary Geissberger & Gord Geissberger |  Owners

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I'm here to help, email me for all inquires.

Featured Products

Hay Steamer HD1500

 The HDS 1500 complete set for professional steaming of round bales of hay.

Pasteuriser EHA18

These pasteuriser systems are designed specifically for the production of fruit juice in small businesses or fruit & horticulture clubs.​

Pasteuriser EHA18

Gravity Filler RF2

These bottle fillers are made entirely of stainless steel, ideal for filling hot fruit juices and alcoholic beverages such as Bottling wines, schnapps, liqueurs. 

Gravity Filler RF2

Steam Generator TD16

This turbo steamer finds its optimal application in small to medium-sized wineries.

Steam Generator TD16
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