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Redefine Hay Feeding

Explore the Impact of Steam Technology on Equine Nutrition

Horse in field with round hay bails

1. Combat Respiratory Issues

Mold, fungal spores, and bacteria lurking in hay contribute to 3 out of 4 horses suffering from lung problems. Steaming your hay eliminates these harmful agents, ensuring cleaner air for your horse to breathe.

2. Preserve Nutritional Value

Traditional soaking methods often strip hay of its essential nutrients. With steam, your hay retains its nutritional richness, offering your horse a balanced diet without compromise.

3. Enhanced Palatability

Say goodbye to hay soaked in unappetizing water! Steamed hay remains irresistibly tasty, encouraging your horse to consume its feed eagerly, leading to improved digestion and overall satisfaction.

4. Eliminate Harmful Germs

Steam not only binds but eradicates mold, fungal spores, bacteria, and mites, safeguarding your horse against potential health hazards lurking in untreated hay.

5. Gentle on Digestion

Steamed hay encourages thorough chewing, leading to increased saliva production. This natural process aids in digestion and protects the stomach from excessive acid, promoting overall digestive health in your equine companion.

Experience the difference with our cutting-edge hay steaming technology. Say goodbye to dusty, moldy hay that compromises your horse's health. Our innovative steamers ensure cleaner, healthier forage by eliminating harmful bacteria, mold, and fungal spores, preserving essential nutrients and enhancing palatability. Make the switch to steam and transform your horse's wellness today.

Top 5 Benefits of Steaming Your Hay

Hay Steamer HD1500
Hay Steamer HD1500 complete set

The HDS 1500 complete set for professional steaming of round bales with a diameter of up to 1.4 m includes the following components :

•    Hay steamer HD 13

•    Pressure-tight steel container with steel floor (corrosion-resistant paint)

•    High quality food grade steam fittings

•    food-grade steam hoses for the entire system

•    Specially developed stainless steel steam lance

How The Process Works

"Ready to Take the Next Step? Discover how our hay steaming process can transform your horse's well-being!"


Contact us to find out more about the hay, steaming process, and how it can change your horse's life.


After initial discussion, we can meet you on site and show you the process.


Once you’re convinced that this is the right process for you, we will ship your equipment to you. 


Yes, it’s just that easy! Contact us today. 


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It is with great pleasure that we have been asked to write a letter of reference for Mr. Frank Deiter. 


My brother Gord and I have known Frank for the past 7 years.  After purchasing  2 Mobile Cider Mills from him we have always found him to be readily accessible by phone, text or e-mail. He is our link to the manufacturer of our equipment in Germany and Frank has many times contacted them and gotten back to us with the information we needed within a couple of days.


We are fortunate that Frank stores many of the annual parts we need to keep our machines reliable and running. Again, should we need anything, Frank will have it couriered to us in a matter of days.  In some instances he will e-mail an instructional video to us so that we can see what needs to be done.


We have always found Frank to be approachable and helpful when we call him. It is always a pleasure to work with Frank and we look forward too many more years of continued work together.

Gary Geissberger & Gord Geissberger |  Owners

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